Games emulators were one of the more popular types of download from Cydia only because they are the only way that we can play PlayStation, Nintendo, and other type of console games on the iPad or iPhone. The new Emus4U app is a good Emu4iOS app read more


MovieBox is an incredibly popular app, providing users with access to movies and TV shows on the device the app is installed on. Moviebox is also available on Emus4U.  The app contains a large number of options read more

iRec Screen Recorder

iRec used to be one of the most popular screen recording apps of all time. At one time, you could only get it by jailbreaking until it was released as a free app that didn’t need you to jailbreak. Sadly, the developers didn’t keep it updated as the read more


Most us of have heard of GameBoy and a large percentage of us will have played on them when we were younger. It is now possible to play Gameboy games on our iOS devices by downloading an emulator called GBA4iOS. Created by Riley Testut, read more


The latest jailbreaks have been a bit hit and miss for some users, with most only suitable for 64-bit devices. Luckily, there is a way . It’s an app installer called TweakBox and we’re going to show you how to get read more


Apple’s iOS store is host to millions of games and apps but sometimes the best ones are those made for the game consoles. There was a way to play console games on iOS devices, but it involved downloading Cydia [ext link] and then downloading games emulators. Right read more


In recent times, there has been much speculation about the launch of a SNES Mini from Nintendo, reviving interest in the Nintendo gaming consoles and all they have to offer. Although the iPhone and iPad are impressive pieces of architecture, read more