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Games emulators are incredibly popular Cydia features, allowing us to download and play our favorite retro console games on our devices.  Sadly, Cydia isn’t available for everyone right now but with an app installer called Emus4iOS, we can now download those emulators once again but this time, without a jailbreak. Emus4iOS is also a great source of other third-party apps, including a great choice of modified ++ apps, like iRec , MovieBox, Spotify++ and Pokemmon Go++ but most users are finding that things aren’t quite as easy as they were when we had Cydia.

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The apps and emulators that we install through Emus4iOS are independent of the iOS app store and that means the certificates are not signed by Apple. Because of this, the apps crash every 7 days or so and require reactivation and this is because Apple likes to verify their app certificates and revoke those that don’t meet their requirements. Luckily, we now have Anti Revoke at our disposal to put a stop to this issue.

What is Anti Revoke ?

When you install Anti Revoke [ext link] to your iPhone or iPad, you are installing a VPN. This VPN then goes immediately to work in the background on your device, protecting all your apps. It does this by blocking any attempts to verify the app certificates and blocking the revocation attempts by Apple. It doesn’t hog the resources on your iPhone or iPad and won’t interfere with anything or slow your device down.

How to Download Anti Revoke :

Downloading Anti Revoke is very easy. You don’t need to jailbreak to use it but you also wont get it form the iOS app store so you need to follow the instructions at the guide linked below. Make sure you follow them as written otherwise Anti Revoke will not install to your device :

Anti Revoke is crucial to the success of any app that you download through Emus4iOS so make sure that you install it straightaway. It is the only way to stop your app certificates from being revoked by Apple and to enjoy your apps uninterrupted for as long as you want them.

While using Anti Revoke is simple, some users have experienced minor issues. If you do, check out the linked posts above for more details on how to fix.

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