Delta Emulator

Most of us enjoyed playing on our Games Consoles and most of us have a favorite game or two that we enjoy the most. Alongside jailbreaking came the opportunity to download emulators so that we could play those games on our iOS devices. With the lack read more


The latest jailbreaks have been a bit hit and miss for some users, with most only suitable for 64-bit devices. Luckily, there is a way . It’s an app installer called TweakBox and we’re going to show you how to get read more

Spotify ++ | Spotify Plus

Everyone has heard of Spotify it is the most popular of all the music streaming services in the world with well over 140 million users. Of those users, more than 60 million pay a monthly subscription of $9.99 to get premium features, like streaming instead read more

WhatsApp++ | WhatsApp Plus

Do you use your smartphone as your sole way of communicating with people? In that case, you probably use WhatsApp quite regularly and are quite happy with the features that the app offers. But did you know that it could offer so much more ? Did you know that there are read more

Snapchat++ | SnapChat Plus

More people than ever before are using messaging apps, not just for social chit chat but for business use too and Snapchat is right there as one of the most popular. With more than 150 million users every day, Snapchat is kept up to date regularly, with read more