Emu4iOS Not Working Fix

Emu4iOS is becoming one of the most popular ways to download a whole host of emulators and other apps that would otherwise only be available through installing a jailbreak on your iOS device. With the last jailbreak patched , there are those that don’t read more

Happy Chick Emulator

While we have relied on Cydia to provide us with our modifications and tweaks for so long, it looks like it’s all coming to an end. For most people, there is now no way of installing the jailbreak app store, Cydia and that means no more tweaks or apps and no more of read more

Delete Emu4iOS

Until now, if we wanted to play the old Nintendo or Sony games on our iOS devices, we had to install a jailbreak and download emulators that would allow us to play the games. Now, with a new web app called Emu4iOS, we read more

iFile File Manager

Jailbreaking is fast becoming a dim and distant memory for many of us; there have been few updates to Cydia in the last year or so and those there have been are only compatible with certain devices. For the majority of the jailbreak community, it seems it’s all over read more

Delta Emulator

Most of us enjoyed playing on our Games Consoles and most of us have a favorite game or two that we enjoy the most. Alongside jailbreaking came the opportunity to download emulators so that we could play those games on our iOS devices. With the lack read more