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We live in a visual world where videos and photos of everyday life are the norm and we like nothing more than to share those with our friends, family, and social media followers. Instagram is the perfect marketplace, an app where you can showcase your videos and your photos and let others see them. With more than 700 million users every month, it is clear to see just how popular the app is, but it is not all that it could be.

With Instagram++, you get all the features in the stock app and you get lots of extra features that should really be in the stock app but, for some reason, have been left out. We will be showing you how to download Instagram++ but first, have a look at what you get:

Instagram++ Features :

As well as all the stock features, you get:

  • The choice of using thumbnail or display for full feed
  • The ability to customize the date and time formats on the timestamps
  • The choice of hiding your Bio from your profile 
  • The ability to stop comments being displayed in full feed
  • The ability to show image captions in Zoom mode
  • The ability to use thumbnail view for HQ images
  • An iOS share sheet for easy media sharing
  • The choice of easily downloading your images to your camera roll
  • The ability to zoom in by long-pressing an image 
  • The ability to download or share by double-tapping a video or image
  • You don’t need to jailbreak

How to Download Instagram++ :

You can’t get Instagram++ from the iOS app store but downloading it is simple, all you need to do is install Emu4iOS app installer first:

  1. Follow the instructions at the linked post to Download Emu4iOS 
  2. When the installation is complete, tap to open Emu4iOS
  3. Type Instagram++ into the search facility and wait for the results 
  4. Tap the relevant result and wait for Instagram++ [ext link] to be downloaded  

How to Fix Instagram++ Crashing :

Every person who installs Instagram++ in this way will find that the app will crash within a week. First, Apple doesn’t have anything to do with signing the app certificate which makes it invalid in their eyes and, second, the way in which you download it allows Apple to track what apps you are using. When they verify the current app certificates, they will remove any that are not valid and that causes Instagram++ to crash. This is easy to fix; all you do is download Anti Revoke onto your device. This places a VPN configuration onto your device, hiding the app certificate so Apple can’t revoke it. Find out how you can download Anti Revoke by clicking the link below :

  • Download Anti Revoke [ext link] 

Instagram++ is definitely worth a look; not only do you get all these extra features, you also don’t need to worry about jailbreaking to get them. Give it a go and tell us how you get on with it and, for more tips and tutorials, follow us on Facebook.

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