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One of the biggest reasons for jailbreaking, aside from modifying the iOS, is to install emulators that allow us to play some of the old games console games on our iOS devices. These games are from consoles like the Gameboy, Nintendo and PS1 and can’t be found in the iOS app store; up till now, Cydia [ext link] was the only place to get the emulators form but with a noticeable lack of jailbreaks, many users can no longer do this. And, now that Apple has released iOS 10.3.3 download [ext link], the chances of a jailbreak are even further away now. Emu4iOS is an alternative solution for downloading games emulators and it can be downloaded without a jailbreak. It fully supports iOS 10.3.3 and can be used by everyone. Here’s how to download it.

Image : Emu4iOS iOS 10.3.3 Download Tutorial

Supported Devices :

The following devices on iOS 10.3.3 can all run Emu4iOS :

  • iPhone [ All Versions ]
  • iPad [ All Versions ]
  • iPad Air [ All Versions ]
  • iPad Mini [ All Versions ]
  • iPad Pro [ All Versions ]
  • iPod Touch [ All Versions ]

Before Downloading Emu4iOS :

Before you download Emu4iOS, you should know the following points :

  • Downloading Emu4iOS will require a good internet connection on your iPhone or iPad
  • Emu4iOS will not work on any device that already has a jailbreak on it
  • You can only use one emulator at a time so, if your favorite games are on different platforms, you will need to delete an emulator before you can install a second one.

Download Emu4iOS iOS 10.3.3 :

  1. On your iOS device, open Safari browser  
  2. Go to  
  3. Wait until the page has fully loaded and then tap the UP arrow, bottom center of the screen on the iPhone and top right on the iPad  
  4. Wait for a set of new option to load on the screen and then tap on Add to Home Screen  
  5. Type in Emu4iOS when asked to give the app icon a name. Tap on Add and come out of Safari  
  6. The Emu4iOS app icon is on your home screen  

Video: This shows you how to do these steps

Tell us what your thoughts are on Emu4iOS. Is it a viable alternative for downloading emulators or do you prefer to wait until a new jailbreak is released ? For anyone that is concerned, Emu4iOS has been fully tested and deemed safe for use so give it a go and, for more updates and news on the iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak [ext link], follow us on Facebook .

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