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There are thousands of jailbreakers spread across the world and, if you asked them all why they jailbreak, a good percentage would tell you that one reason was so that they could play their favorite old-school games, from consoles like Nintendo, on their iOS devices. To do this, they have to download emulators that were only available on Cydia [ext link]. Until now. With a new web app called Emu4iOS [about], it is now possible to download these emulators without a jailbreak, and the best part is, it is compatible with iOS 10 firmware.

Image : Emu4iOS 10 Download

Supported Devices :

Emu4iOS will work on all of the following devices that are compatible with iOS 10 :

  • iPhone [ All Versions ]
  • iPad [ All Versions ]
  • iPad Air [ All Versions ]
  • iPad Mini [ All Versions ]
  • iPad Pro [ All Versions ]
  • iPod Touch [ All Versions ]

If your device is not on this list, then Emu4iOS will not work on it.

Image : iOS Emulator

Things to Know :

Before you jump in and start to download Emu4iOS onto your device, please take note of the following requirements:

  1. You must have a strong working internet connection on your iOS device, preferably Wi-Fi
  2. Your iOS device must not be jailbroken so, even if an iOS 10 Jailbreak is released, you cannot install it and still install Emu4iOS
  3. You must update to iOS 10 firmware
  4. You can only use one emulator at a time on your iOS device so, if your favorite games are spread across the spectrum of available emulators, you must delete the current emulator on your device and install a new one when you want to change game

How to Download Emu4iOS iOS 10 :

To download Emus4iOS app on your iPhone , follow the given methods explained below.

Method 1 : 

  1. On your iOS 10 device, open the Safari browser  
  2. Input the following URL into your address bar [ copy-paste in browser ] and tap on Go  emu4ios app
  3. A special webpage will load up – tap the UP arrow at the bottom or top of the page, depending on which iOS device you are using  
  4. A list will appear on the screen – choose and tap on Add to Home Screen  
  5. Name the app EMU4iOS and tap the Add button  
  6. Come out of Safari and the Emu4iOS app icon should be visible on one of your home screen . Watch the video below. Proceed to next steps.

Video : This video explains the above steps

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

You must follow these steps exactly as they are written otherwise we cannot guarantee success:

  1. Open Safari and then open this [ link ]  
  2. An information page will load, look for and tap on the link to Directly Install to iOS Device , do not miss this step out as the profile can’t be installed
  3. Settings will open automatically so tap on Install Profile
  4. Type your passcode in if required and then Safari will open
  5. Tap Install Emus4iOS, tap Install on the confirmation box
  6. Settings open once more, tap on Install > Next > Install 
  7. Finally, tap on Install > Done and then leave your device while Emu4iOS is installed

If Emu4iOS does not work, you will need to follow these steps again and make sure you don’t miss anything out

Fix Emus4iOS Not Working :

Stop all app certificate revocation issues on your device with one small tool. When you use Emu4iOS, you need to download Anti Revoke [ext link] as well, to stop Apple form revoking your certificates and leaving you free to enjoy them for as long as you want.

Popular Apps on Emu4iOS :

There is so much to choose from in Emu4iOS that it might be hard to know where to start. Two of the most popular apps in the installer are:

  • iRec

iRec is well known among the jailbreak community as one of the first and best screen recorders released through Cydia. However, the developers allowed the app to slip by the wayside, not updating as Apple updated the iOS and eventually everyone just stopped using it and it got forgotten about. The developers have now updated iRec with full support for iOS 10, on all iOS devices and without any need to install Cydia first so click on the given link to get the details on how to download iRec.

  • MovieBox

If Movies and TV shows are something you enjoy watching on your iOS device, then you will love MovieBox. Packed with all the most up to date episodes and the latest movies, including a load of Full HD content, MovieBox is updated on a regular basis. And rather than having to download them and take up space on your device, you can simply stream them, making this the ideal app for the smaller storage devices. Get a full guide on downloading MovieBox at the linked post.

Emu4iOS Alternative :

If you want some different emulators to choose from, take a look at Emus4U, an alternative to Emu4iOS:

  • Emus4U

Emus4U is a very popular alternative to Emu4iOS, with lots more emulators to choose from, along with a whole host of other content. Not only that, you get a screen recorder and an easy way of cleaning up all the temporary and junk files off your device. It is updated regularly and also has a few customization options for you to choose from. With full support for all iOS devices, check out the guide at the linked post on how to download Emus4U [ext link].

Please let us reassure you that Emu4iOS is a perfectly safe web app to use and has been fully tested, along with all the apps and emulators contained inside it. Let us know how you get on with installing Emu4iOS on your iOS 10 device and, for more details follow us on Facebook.

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