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Ask any jailbreaker why they do it and they will tell you that they want the freedom from the security that Apple places on the iOS. They may also tell you that they want to be able to play some of their favorite retro games on their devices and the only way to do that is to install Cydia [ext link] and download the relevant games emulators. With iOS 11 download [ext link] here, we don’t yet have news of a jailbreak and there are a lot of users who also couldn’t install the iOS 10 jailbreak.

Image : Emu4iOS Download iOS 11

Emu4iOS is a decent alternative that allows us to install emulators to play games from the Nintendo, PS1 and Gameboy, to name a few, and it doesn’t require a jailbreak to use it. It supports iOS 11 and we are going to show you how to install it.

Supported Devices :

These devices all support Emu4iOS on iOS 11:

  • iPhone [ All Versions ]
  • iPad [ All Versions ]
  • iPad Air [ All Versions ]
  • iPad Mini [ All Versions ]
  • iPad Pro [ All Versions ]
  • iPod Touch [ All Versions ]

Before you Download Emu4iOS :

There are a few things to know about Emu4iOS before you download it:

  1. You need a strong internet connection on your device , WiFi is better than data
  2. If you already have a jailbreak, Emu4iOS will not work
  3. Emu4iOS limits you to using a single emulator at any one time which means having to delete one before you can download another

How to Download Emu4iOS on iOS 11 :

  1. Open the Safari browser [ this won’t work on any other browser ] and go to   
  2. Find the UP arrow , bottom or top of the page, and tap on it  
  3. When some new options load on your screen tap Add to Home Screen  
  4. Type Emu4iOS in the box to name the app icon and then tap on Add  
  5. Shut Safari and you will see the new Emu4iOS app icon on your home page   

Video: This is a demonstration of the above steps

Note :

Anti Revoke [ext link] is a vital tool for anyone who uses Emu4iOS.   Not only does it stop Apple from verifying your app certificates, it blocks them from being revoked. This is the only way that you can stop the apps and tweaks from crashing and requiring reactivation every 7 days.

Are you going to use Emu4iOS or will you hang on to see if we get an iOS 11 jailbreak [ext link] ? No app installer can ever offer what Cydia does but, like the others, Emu4iOS is a great alternative, especially of you are missing your favorite games emulators and your favorite retro games.

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