MovieBox is an incredibly popular app, providing users with access to movies and TV shows on the device the app is installed on. Moviebox is also available on Emus4U.  The app contains a large number of options for streaming, including the option to watch movies in Full HD and, unlike other similar apps, there is no need to download the move first , imply pick the one you want and stream it.

Image : MovieBox HD Download Tutorial

Things to Know :

  1. There is no need to install a jailbreak to enjoy MovieBox
  2. Installing it is not as easy as simply downloading an app from the app store 

This is because Apple doesn’t allow apps of this type in their app store. It goes completely against their app guidelines and, as such would never make it past their screening process. Don’t worry though because we have full instructions for you to follow on how to download and install MovieBox on your iOS device using another app called Emu4iOS .

How to Download MovieBox :

If you are not used to doing things this way, this method is going to seem a little involved and strange but it has to be this way so that you can get past the security that Apple has in place. You may come up against an error when you try using MovieBox on iOS but that is because it is a World of Enterprise Profile and Apple is not fond of users having these apps on their devices. The error message is just Apple trying to tell you that they will not run MovieBox because it comes from an unknown source , to get around it all you have to do is give the app permission to run , more about that in a while.

  1. Directly download MovieBox app from official source or by tapping on this alternate ( link ) .
  2. Open Emu4iOS app from your homepage and tap the Search button  
  3. Type MovieBox in and wait for the results list .  Tap on the result for iOS version that you are running on your iOS device
  4. Tap this  link MovieBox link from your iPhone
  5. A popup message will ask you if you are sure you want to install MovieBox , tap the Install button
  6. When the installation is complete, close down Emu4iOS and look for the MovieBox icon on your home screen 
  7. Tap to open it and start streaming all your favorite movies or TV shows on MovieBox  

Video : Above Steps explained

How to Fix MovieBox Profile Error :

As we mentioned earlier, you may get an error telling you that the app comes from an unknown source. To fix this, you need to give permission for the app to run so:

  1. Open Settings > General > Profile  
  2. Find the certificate for MovieBox and tap on it
  3. Tap Trust and MovieBox will work without any trouble

MovieBox Not Working Fix :

Protect your Emu4iOS apps and tweaks with Anti Revoke app. This tiny tool blocks your app certificated from being verified and this means they can’t be revoked. Your apps will no longer crash every week, and you won’t have to keep reactivating them.

You can, if you prefer, jailbreak your iOS device and run MovieBox that way. All you need to do is download Cydia onto your iOS device and download MovieBox from Cydia .

Have you ever used MovieBox ? What do you think of it ? For more tutorials and tips like this, follow us on Facebook.

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  1. It’s amazing but my phone is acting up so I couldn’t download anything in general now. Wish it was kinda like a website too

  2. Movie box keeps closing when a watching stuff having to reinstall all the time how do I stop it from doing it

  3. Hi, can someone help me please?
    I’m can’t see any iOS options to select and I can’t find a download option. Could someone point me in the right direction?


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