Emu4iOS Not Working Fix

Emu4iOS is becoming one of the most popular ways to download a whole host of emulators and other apps that would otherwise only be available through installing a jailbreak on your iOS device. With the last jailbreak patched , there are those that don’t want to install a jailbreak on their device in the first place. Emu4iOS does not require you to jailbreak your device but it is not the easiest of apps to download. You can find a full step by step guide to Downloading Emu4iOS [tutorial] at the given link, either with a jailbreak or without one.

Image : Emu4iOS Not Working

Emu4iOS Error :

Most people will be able to download and use Emu4iOS without any trouble but there are a couple of errors that some users are coming up against. The first one happens when you tap on the Download button, resulting in an error. There are two ways to solve this problem.

Method 1 : Quit Safari Browser

  1. Close Safari down altogether close_safari_appswitcher_vshare
  2. Close all open apps on your iOS device
  3. Wait a few minutes and then try the download steps in the linked article again

Method 2 : Power Off  iPhone

If the above steps do not work, then try this:

  1. Close Safari down
  2. Close down all apps
  3. Shut your iOS device down altogether and leave it off for a few minutes slide_to_power_off-reboot
  4. Power it on again and follow the steps for the no-jailbreak method in the linked article again

Emu4iOS Constantly Crashing :

One of the biggest reported problems is with Emu4iOS constantly crashing but there is a reason why this happens. Apple provides certificates to company owners so that they can place their apps onto the mobile devices used by their employees without the need to put the app into the app store first. Emu4iOS uses the same certificate system but it uses expired certificates and, because of that, Apple blocks it in a regular basis.


When you open an app on your device, the certificate loads up. Provided the certificate is genuine and is in force, the app will run without any trouble. If, on the other hand, the certificate has expired, the app will crash, as is the case with Emu4iOS. There is no set way to get around this but you can be assured that Emu4iOS does constantly renew the certificates that it uses.

How to Fix :

As we said, there is no way to fix this issue. Unfortunate, all you can do when it crashes is Delete Emu4iOS and reinstall it. That means you will lose all of the apps that you have installed and will have to download them all again. The best method to use is to install using the no-jailbreak method

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